The Future of Email Marketing: Facebook Messenger or Email?

As we all know Facebook is the largest social network in the US. So it’s only natural that marketers use it to spread the word about our business and generate leads. Facebook understands that marketers pay their salaries by using the amazing tools Facebook has given us. And they don’t want users to leave the platform. Because if they’re off the platform they can’t click ads, and Facebook won’t make money.

One of the ways Facebook entices it’s user to stay on the platform is to give us more fun stuff to use like Facebook Messenger Day (Facebook’s clone of Snapchat). To keep marketers happy and spending more money on the platform Facebook has added quite a few capabilities to Messenger. They’ve made it easy to conduct customer service activities. Customers and potential customers can ask questions, order services, get more information about products and services and make purchases on messenger.


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