How to Use Pictograms Effectively

The fundamental purpose of an infographic is to simplify complex information and help make difficult concepts easier to understand.

We often use infographics to summarize data in order to send a message to our audiences. One of the best ways of visually representing this data is through the use of pictograms.

A pictogram is a visual representation of data. It’s not the same as your typical bar chart or pie chart. Instead, you use icons and illustrations to highlight the relevant statistics that you’re trying to get across.

They are typically a simplified representation of an idea, theme or concept, with a flat design. Pictograms are great for content creators because they give your audience a snapshot of quantity and volume in a visually impactful way.

But the most common use-case of pictograms is to represent a ratio. In this article, I’m going to cover some best practices for how you can effectively use pictograms in your content and in your infographics to help your audience better understand your data and statistics.


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