3 Amazingly Simple Hacks To Bridge A Customer Experience Gap That’s Costing You Money

There is a growing body of evidence that suggests we make most, if not all, purchasing decisions based on emotions. Even those who claim Spock-like intellects rely on some level of emotion.

I believe emotion plays a significant part of a differentiating customer experience. An employee can meet the technical requirements of delivering their product or service and still leave you feeling underwhelmed.

As I am writing this I’m thinking of the technician who came to our house to routinely service our heat pump for the summer season. He cleaned out the lines, did all the proper checking that was required in the contract. However, he set the bottle of material on our carpet. It left a stain that I had to remove. Service check. Experience fail. It can be just that simple.

There are stores I frequently visit because of the experience like Trader Joe’s.



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