How to Blend Social Media Contests with Offline Events

My first business professor in college said, “Marketing is marketing is marketing”. That has always stuck with me because I knew what the underlying message was. No matter what the vehicle: print, television, social media, etc., how you connect and engage with prospects and customers is always the same.

Social media is the new flashy car on the road. It appears many marketers have forgotten the vehicle isn’t the message. It’s called SOCIAL media for a reason. It’s meant to be a forum for people to connect. Use it properly and you will create loyal customers, and more than likely, brand advocates.

The Dovetail

A great marketing campaign dovetails different avenues to create one cohesive program. This is especially important when running offline events as attendees now rely on social media to easily connect to other attendees, vendors, speakers or sponsors.

Dovetailing online and offline events aren’t just for B2B trade shows, conferences, conventions, and golf tournaments.


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