Are You a Nonprofit Content Marketing Idiot?

Two of the 7 core strategies nonprofits must master in the post-digital age are:

(1) Building a robust content marketing strategy, and

(2) Becoming proficient with online social marketing and fundraising.

These strategies are equally important and must be integrated. I’ve written numerous times on the subject, both here [see “How to Build a Well-Oiled Nonprofit Online Content Marketing Strategy,” “Nonprofit Content Marketing, Storytelling & Social Media,” “Social Media without a Content Marketing Strategy Sucks,” and “Why Nonprofit Social Media is a Waste of Time”], on Clairification and elsewhere.

In a post-digital age, it’s THAT important.

Today I’m going to focus on content marketing because your communications really begin there. Ultimately, nonprofits are in the business of storytelling, and a strategic approach like content marketing is an ideal way to tell that story.

And it shouldn’t be difficult to build a case for making content marketing a core nonprofit strategy.


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