Social Media Strategies to Attract Chinese Students

Why do Chinese students and their parents opt for foreign education?

According to a survey conducted in 2016, by a Shanghai-based research firm, 83% of China’s millionaires are planning to send their children for foreign education.

During last few years’ Chinese students and their families have put a great emphasis on getting a foreign education. In China opting for foreign education is a mutual decision of Chinese parents and children. One of the factors for Chinese students choosing to study overseas is the ability to get a world class education in subjects that he or she aspires (read the Guardian article). For Chinese parents, sending their child to receive a foreign education is an investment that will benefit the family in the future.

But what happens to students looking for foreign universities?

Nini Suet, founder of Shang Learning, a boutique consultancy with headquarters in Beijing says that “Parents realize that they have to start earlier if they want their children to get into a top U.S.


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