Deciphering the 5 Levels of Social Media Influence and Content

In 2014 I began to develop my own version of Maslow’s hierarchical pyramid of needs, adapted to social media. My goal was to be able to identify more precisely when influencers stand out and reveal themselves in the learning and adoption curve of social networks and different platforms.

Based on the idea that the hierarchical needs theory (which is still taught in marketing and communications schools) also adapts to the social media adoption curve, Use of the GlobalWebIndex media to transpose and compare the level of maturity of users – consumers on one side (left) with that of the influencers (right).

I published an analysis of my research on my blog (in French) and on Maximize Social Business. A new approach that once again demonstrated that in the digital age, Maslow’s pyramid could also be adapted to all areas of professional activity.

In 2015, I accepted the invitation of the Canadian Education Association (CEA) to update the pyramid, and the results were published in the winter of 2015-2016 in the fourth-annual pan-Canadian magazine Education Canada.


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