3 Facebook Advertising Mistakes eCommerce Companies Make

There are many ways e-commerce marketers can promote their goods online. They often begin with AdWords campaigns before branching in to Facebook Ads. Their search marketing campaigns may have had very high ROI, while their Facebook campaigns completely tank.

Here are some things you need to know before launching your first Facebook e-commerce campaign.

User mindset is totally different

There’s a reason that e-commerce ads on Google tend to work much better than the same ads on Facebook. People that search for goods and services on Google usually have a clear intent to purchase. If you target the right keywords, you can get visitors to purchase high ticket items. Many e-commerce marketers have used Google to sell products that cost $100 or more.

Unfortunately, Facebook users don’t always have the same intent to purchase. They are simply looking to engage with their friends, browse pictures and view their social newsfeed.



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