How to Use Social Media to Segment Your Email List

If you use email marketing to boost your sales but don’t see the results you want, don’t give up, yet. You may need to do some deeper list segmentation to get to the gold in your list.

In this article, you’ll learn how to use social media to build your list segments.

What is email segmentation?

Think of your email list as a bunch of groups on a single list. Your email list is probably already segmented in your mind, but you just haven’t taken the actions to move people into these segments.

What groups can you envision on your list? Customers, potential customers, vendors, friends, employees, etc.? Which of these groups do you currently have on your list (even though it isn’t segmented yet)?

Right now you’re probably wondering what the benefit of segmentation is. Each of your segments has a different concern, pain point for buying, different interests and behavior.


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