8 Signs That Your Infographic Sucks

Let’s face it – greeting your reader with a long, intimidating wall of text is not the best way to encourage content consumption. That’s why more and more brands depend on visual content to improve user experience, aid information retention, and boost social media shareability.

Today, using infographics is one of the prime choices of small businesses and bloggers. Not only are they easy and cheap to make, certain infographic types also make it easier for the audience to digest data-rich information.

But just like any other form of online content, your reputation as an information source is on the line whenever you publish a new infographic. Professional-looking infographics can cement your authority and prove you’re on top of your game. Bad infographics, on the other hand, may discourage readership and put off prospective leads.

Without further ado, here are the top 7 signs of bad infographics you should watch out for:




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