How to Capture Website Traffic with Twitter

Look at your website traffic stats after you tweet. Chances are you’ll find that when you post on Twitter, the result is a spike in traffic. There’s a definite link between the two, but it doesn’t have to be a random or occasional thing. You can use Twitter to generate regular, reliable, targeted website traffic.

Here’s how you can start harnessing the power of 140 characters to grow your website and your business:

1. Grow Your Followers

This is a no brainer. The more people that follow you, the more who have potential to see your tweets, and the more traffic you’re likely to generate. The best way to get more followers is to follow more people, so start following industry organizations, local business, local celebrities and other people who have the kinds of followers you want to attract.

2. Tweak Your Profile Page

Your Twitter profile has some great marketing possibilities.


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