How eCommerce Marketers Use Storytelling in Their Social Media Branding Strategies

Did you have an affinity for telling stories when you were younger? It may have gotten you into trouble with your parents and teachers back in the day, but that skill can pay off big time as an ecommerce marketer on social media. Big Commerce reports that a growing number of ecommerce brands have started using storytelling to engage with their customers over social media.

“Building a successful online store in today’s hyper-competitive ecommerce landscape requires more than an attractive website, a nice product display, and easy checkout. When a customer reaches your shopping cart, it’s often after he or she has encountered your brand throughout a long journey filled with multiple stops and detours… Captive audiences are a thing of the past, which makes brand storytelling vital to distinguishing your brand in a crowded marketplace.”

I had the opportunity to monitor the #SMTLive Twitter chat a couple of months ago.


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