6 Influencer Marketing Myths Debunked in 2017

It will soon be ten years since I became interested in the phenomenon of influence marketing and its evolution on social media. Today, influencers are the “buzzword” of the year.

Social Media Influence Marketing vs. Advertising

First of all, please stop talking about influencer marketing when it’s a recommendation campaign, spokesperson or sponsored blog. So, let’s talk about advertising placement or celebrity sponsorship because that’s what it is.

At the risk of repeating myself, influence marketing in social media is not a popularity contest based on visibility or subscribers. But rather a new marketing approach that’s much more complex and multi-faceted strategy. We don’t start influencing social networks overnight, it requires a process that involves several steps and takes years before achieving conclusive results.

Social media influence is built on credibility and trust. These are acquired with quality content and relationships that develop over time.



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