Strategies You Haven’t Tried to Boost Content Shares

Content marketing has become extremely competitive over the past few years. People currently publish over 2 million blog posts every day along with other forms of content. Top bloggers and content marketers know this, so, they spend more time promoting their content than writing it.

If you want to drive traffic and convert it to leads and sales, just writing quality posts won’t do. It needs to be accompanied by a stellar content promotion strategy that includes generating backlinks and content shares.

As basic tips on how to increase content shares like adding share buttons to blog posts, sharing them on your own social media and conducting outreach have already been extensively covered, I am going to stick to advanced tactics you have probably never used.

Read this post to find out what they are and learn how to use them along with other basic methods to boost content shares…

Incentivise shares

When we associate incentives with content marketing, the first thing that pops in our minds is lead generation.

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