How To Use Demographic Targeting in Boosted Facebook Post Ads to Drive Segmented Leads on Your Website

More than three million businesses use Facebook ads. It’s one of the biggest digital advertising platforms with the best demographic features available anywhere in the world. One reason people use Facebook ads is because of its audience targeting features. They that allow you to narrow your ad audience to the people most likely to make purchases.

Some companies think it’s good to get their ads seen by as many people as possible. What a waste of their precious budget for poor quality leads! Segmentation is the key to getting the best return on your advertising dollar. Facebook’s demographic targeting feature helps you get the most qualified audience to your website.

Why Segmented Leads are Important

Outside of the expense of an all-audiences ad, you also have to consider the time and energy spent dealing with leads that will never convert to sales. If your sales team receives a commission, they’re going to get discouraged at the lack of sales and frustrated with poor quality leads.

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