Indirect Social Conversations – A Missed Opportunity For Brands

Brands have adjusted to engaging on social media quite well; in fact, social media engagement is incorporated into virtually every marketing plan. It’s important, especially as it is a consumer driven initiative. When social media emerged as a way for consumers to connect with brands, it was typically one way communication. Consumers enjoyed interacting with brand posts, receiving social media driven discounts and promotions, and sharing products and services with friends and family. Once consumers found that they could “talk” to brands and get answers and help with issues, they started using it more and more frequently for a variety of purposes.

In response, brands had to find ways to ensure that they were monitoring their social sites regularly and responding in a timely manner. With some bumps in the road and thanks to the help of emerging software platforms to manage all social communication, brands were successful in acclimating to the new normal.

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