How to Create Successful Content Using Seasonality

Looking back on the years it is incredible to see how far my life – and work – have come. I couldn’t have conceived of the hardships I would face, the struggles I would go through, the triumphs and successes, the moves and changes. The industry I have dedicated myself to have shifted so dramatically over the past decade that it has become a whole new living, breathing force.

But looking at then versus now, do you know what has not changed a bit? The importance of content in any marketing strategy. Think about it, is content any less important today than it was ten years ago? Fifteen? If anything, it has become a more critical issue with the expansion of what constitutes as content on the web.

What was once a term reserved for email lists and gaudy, glittering web pages has opened to a broad array of videos, podcasts, slideshows, social media posts, infographics, comics… pretty much anything you can imagine now has its place in content marketing.

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