7 Tips to Ensure Your Blog Research is On Point

The benefits of running a blog are as versatile and numerous as the stars in the sky (or the blogs on the web). Still, niche recognition, SEO rankings, better traffic and more leads cannot be expected without great content. It requires time and hard work, and essentially boils down to these 9 principles:

  1. Steer clear of any content that’s not original.
  2. Engage readers by sparking their curiosity.
  3. Offer expert advice that’s actionable.
  4. Provide answers to your readers’ questions.
  5. Draw attention with strong headlines.
  6. Reaffirm your points with images and video.
  7. Stay relevant, succinct, and on point.
  8. Regularly update evergreen content with fresh info.
  9. Be factual, accurate, and citable.

You can call these guidelines the 9 Postulates of Blogging, print them out and hang them on the wall above your writing desk.


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