5 Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid [Revised for 2018]

Anyone can dabble in content marketing, but not everyone gets it right. It’s easy to make a mistake on social media that can burn you in a very public manner.

Not every mistake is a going to sink your company, so what’s the harm? The answer to that is that is if you don’t do content marketing right, you will not be able to drive conversations, interactions, or ultimately, conversions. In fact, many social media sites have begun to penalize you if you’re simply posting without true engagement (think Facebook in particular). And really, what’s the point of content marketing if no one cares enough to read your content and then take action?

Remember, the goal of using content is to get your audience to become fans and from there, to support your offerings. If you start by avoiding the five content marketing mistakes listed below, you’ll at least have a fighting chance of gaining traction, loyalty and respect – and getting seen.


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