How to Leverage Social Media Video Marketing Trends with Wondershare Filmora Video Editor

With huge advancements in technology, business owners have found several new ways to promote their business online. Social media is the top target of every brand as it provides easy connectivity to millions of people from different corners of the world. And the best way to gain the attention of the audience on social media is to post interesting videos edited by video editors.

Studies reveal that the current generation spends around 100 million hours watching videos on Facebook alone per day. On the other hand, the most popular video platform YouTube gets 1 billion hours of video views per day. Snapchat also serves more than 10 billion video views daily and so does Instagram and Twitter. That is why video marketing has become a top priority for all businesses. Many companies, though, are still challenged to develop a strong video marketing strategy.

The Importance of Video Marketing

As already discussed, people around the world spend millions of hours to routinely watch videos, so it makes sense that business owners should find video to be the best choice to showcase their products and services online.

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