Lacking Feedback Data? How to Use Social Listening To Find What You Need

Customer feedback programs are extremely useful, but also come with challenges. In fact, there has been a lot of talk around the fact that in many cases, it’s difficult to get customers to provide feedback on traditional survey and response rates have decreased over the last several years. However, there ARE still customers who are willing to provide their feedback to you. To balance the challenge of decreased response rates and less traditional feedback, many brands are turning to social listening to help get the information needed.

Does this simply mean asking customers for feedback via the brand’s social sites? In some cases, possibly, but turning to social listening is more about listening to what customers are saying all over the internet, not just on brand pages, to enhance what they’re seeing in traditional feedback programs.

How can this help? There are many ways in which feedback programs and the data collected can be enhanced, offering a more in-depth view of consumer perception and satisfaction.

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