Redefining Influence Marketing in 2018

To the end of ‘influenceratis’

In 2017, the scandals of fake news, fake advertisements, fake accounts and fake profiles made the headlines of all media. Since the beginning of the year, cases of fraud (or the limit) have followed one another, revealed to the big days. Several studies have shown the existence of false accounts and false subscribers including Facebook where there would be more than 60 million automated sites.

Recently, the New York Times published the results of inquiries that revealed the existence of a true followers factory, Devumi, a company that manages 3.5 million fake accounts and more than 200 000 customers to whom it sells Twitter followers, YouTube views, SoundCloud plays and even recommendations on LinkedIn. His clients include reality TV stars, athletes, comedians, TED speakers, and even multimillionaires like Michael Dell. Devumi also played an important role during Donald Trump’s campaign.

Since the beginning of the year, ‘influenceratis’ also fall like dominoes.

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