7 Biggest Social Media Mistakes Businesses Make That Damage Their Reputation

It’s easy to see why savvy business owners are so easily lured by the power of social media marketing. It offers the possibility of big returns with almost no capital investment and virtually anyone is able to open an account for free and begin sharing content. Unfortunately, in the hands of an inexperienced business owner, the low startup costs and ease of use may be a recipe for disaster.

How a Social Media Crisis Happens

Whenever you get 2.46 billion people together sharing their opinions, there’s bound to be some conflict and misunderstanding that causes negative ripples across your social profiles. An angry customer could start a Twitter tirade because of an unresolved bad customer experience. Your social media manager might pull a Ted Cruz and accidentally “like” or share an inappropriate post on your timeline. A disgruntled employee could post something unprofessional. Even large corporate accounts have been hacked, resulting in embarrassing, albeit sometimes funny, status updates.


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