Lead Generation: LinkedIn vs Facebook

Among the dozens of social networks, LinkedIn and Facebook are the most potent lead generation platforms. Compared to others, these two networks provide marketers with better tools and targeted markets for lead acquisition.


LinkedIn, with more than 530 million active users allows users to follow and interact with the brands of their choice. What’s better, the platform encourages peer-to-peer connections, making it possible for “like-minded” parties to find each other with ease.

B2Bs, in particular, have every reason to market on LinkedIn. Studies show that a whopping 80% of global B2B leads come LinkedIn. What’s more, 94% of B2B marketers have a LinkedIn profile. Some studies even suggest that 46% of social media traffic coming to B2B sites is from LinkedIn.

This means that if you’re a B2B company, then nearly half of the social media traffic you see on your site is coming from LinkedIn.


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