How Social Media Analytics can Vastly Improve Your Conversion Rates

Search engine referral traffic took over from social media as the biggest driver of website traffic in 2017 according to Shareaholic – up to 34.8%.

Unfortunately, though, this referral traffic doesn’t result in a conversion rate of anything near the same amount. An average of only 2 to 5% of social media activity results in a visitor completing whatever Call to Action you’ve specified in your campaigns.


And yet all our social media marketing and content strategies are designed with one intent in mind.  – To get as many visitors to our websites so they have a chance to either purchase our products, sign up for a service or commission us for a job.

Finding the secret formula to get that conversion is not unlike the famed search for El Dorado! There are rumours it’s out there, but no-one can identify just where it is.

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