How to Amplify Your Content Marketing Promotion with Facebook Ads

When getting started with content marketing most people view it as a free method where you create content and drive traffic through search engines and social media shares. But there are also several affordable paid methods you can use to promote your content and drive more traffic. One such method is Facebook ads.

Facebook ads can be highly beneficial for businesses, especially those getting started with paid content marketing because they are very affordable and drive quick results. If you follow a few simple steps, you should be able to generate a positive ROI from your ads.

Once you master Facebook you can implement what you learn here to promote your content through other paid sources as well.

Therefore, to simplify things for you I have written a step by step guide to amplify your content marketing promotion with Facebook ads…

Create gated content:

Before you invest in Facebook ads, you should already have a funnel that will help you generate a positive ROI.

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