How to Create Successful Videos for YouTube

I love to help brands be successful on YouTube. YouTube is the hardest of all the social media platforms to win at. Most brands are just throwing videos at YouTube hoping it will work. There are experts out there who say you just need content.

How many times have you heard someone say content is king? Well, I have bad news for you. The king is dead. The viewer is now the king and if you don’t make a video that people want to watch, they won’t.

What killed the old king? It was too much content to much noise. It was content that wasn’t valuable. It was content that didn’t have a plan beyond the idea that we just need content. It was also my favorite type of bad content: vanity content. Vanity content says, “We need a video because the CEO says we do.”

Everything you do on for marketing including YouTube needs to have a plan for how it will drive business.

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