What the New Updates to Facebook Collection Ads Mean for eCommerce Marketers

In 2018, e-commerce marketers are expected to spend more on Facebook than ever before. One of the reasons they are scaling their Facebook ad campaigns is that the social networking giant is introducing a number of new ad products that they want to experiment with. Collection ads are one of the newest solutions Facebook has started offering.

What Are Collection Ads?

Facebook introduced collection ads to provide a more immersive experience for mobile users. This advertising product differs from traditional ads in one huge way – advertisers can use multiple images. This gives them far more versatility and customizability than the traditional single unit ad.

There are a number of ways that advertisers can structure their creatives. The most common way advertisers use collection ads is by having a large cover image, followed by multiple images of products that they want to sell. Here is an example of a collection ad that Adidas was running.


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