What the Accounts with the Most Twitter Followers Have in Common… and What You Can Learn From Them

Every day, 500 million tweets are sent. There are 330 million
active Twitter users, and 500 million more confess to using the
site without actually creating an account. It’s no surprise that
70% of small businesses are on Twitter – if you want to get your
brand noticed, it’s the place to be.

But with so much competition for attention, how do you get
people to follow you and engage with your tweets? Many brands try
and fail, stalling at 1000 followers and a couple of lonely
retweets per week.

Maybe we could all learn something from Twitter’s big hitters.
The accounts with the most Twitter followers have 100s of millions
of fans and engagement rates to match. And while the celebrities
behind the accounts have a level of visibility that few businesses
can aspire to (President Obama, anyone?!), that doesn’t mean you
can’t learn lessons from how they grow their followers and
increase their reach.


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