How Fashion Brands in China Can Leverage Influencer Marketing

Wearing luxury clothes mean a lot, they give the wearer status.
It’s important to understand that Chinese customers are becoming
more sophisticated, and they strongly appreciated international
brands. When it comes to taking advice, Chinese value the
information from their peers, friends, bloggers, and celebrities
they follow. These people are also known as KOLs (Key Opinion
Leaders). They are very crucial in the overall digital marketing
approach in China because they can influence a consumer’s taste
and choice. Collaboration with a KOL is a way to promote your
brand. They have often a huge number of followers and are in touch
with them daily. Nowadays, a lot of online KOLs are present on
Chinese video platforms. It has become a real profession.

The power of video marketing in China

Digital marketers should not overlook the value of branded
online video to their audiences. China’s video platforms such as
Youku, and Baidu Video experience huge popularity amongst Chinese

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