Facebook Writing in 2019: New Year, New Rules?

Remember my first post at Maximize Social Business a year

Facebook writing, engagement depression, crazy algorithms
turning user newsfeeds into a mess that seemed impossible for
marketers to beat… and some tricks on Facebook writing to try for
better reach and conversion.

A year had gone.

Facebook algorithms are even crazier now. Experts like Jitendra
Vaswani come up with alternative ways to stay on top of Facebook
algorithms changes, as people don’t come to Facebook for words
anymore. Our emotional intelligence is growing by leaps and bounds,
so emotions are what users want to get from social media networks
today. It appears that a positive emotional response to your social
media content is the engine of your marketing success.

With that in mind, we can assume that words themselves don’t
trigger emotions from people, right?

“I would hug you, but I am just a text.”

Facebook writing becomes a thing of the past?


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