How to Create Highly Shareable Images for Your Content Marketing

After you create your content you should spend an ample amount
of time promoting it. When getting started with content marketing
most people dedicate more time to creating and less time to
promoting. But experienced marketers know the importance of content
promotion. Some top marketers like Derek Halpern spend as much as
80% of their time promoting and only 20% creating.

Promoting your content will make all the time spent creating it
worthwhile. It will also help your content get more traffic and
generate more leads and sales.

One way to promote your content is by creating highly shareable
images to accompany it. Images drive the highest engagement on
networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest and can drive a lot
of traffic to your site.

So, today I’m going to show you exactly what types of images
drive the highest traffic and how to quickly create them…

Choose the platforms:

While promoting your content on social media you should create
one unique image for each social network.

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