How To Be a Rockstar Twitter Chat Guest And Win At Content Marketing

Want an engaged audience to amplify your content marketing
efforts? Ready to grow your reputation at high speed? If you
answered yes to these questions, a Twitter chat is the way to

Twitter is a great place in general to win customers and gain
influence through your content marketing efforts. Twitter chats can
give those efforts a bit of extra oomph, taking your further,

Ready to learn about how you can use Twitter chats to boost your
content marketing efforts and your reputation? Read on to learn

What Is A Twitter Chat?

Twitter chats (also referred to as Tweet chats) have been around
almost since hashtags on Twitter began. They use hashtags as a
means of creating a conversation around a specific topic.

Twitter chats have a few specific traits. They are:

  • Planned conversations
  • Centered on a specific topic
  • Scheduled to take place on a regular basis (e.g., once a week
    or once a month)
  • Based around the use of a particular hashtag
  • Run by a host or several hosts, who develop the questions/topic
    ahead of time and runs the chat
  • Sometimes sponsored by a company or brand
  • Used by active, engaged Twitter users

For example, there is a Twitter chat every Tuesday at 5:00 PM
EST, based around social media ROI.

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