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If you’re involved with travel and tourism marketing, you need
to be on Instagram. In fact, 60% of millennial travelers on social
media are active on Instagram, and 48% of Instagram users use the
app to find new travel destinations and places to explore*.

60% of millennial travelers on social media are active on
Instagram, and 48% of Instagram users use the app to find new
travel destinations and places to explore

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Why Tourism Marketers Need an Instagram Strategy

Travel and Instagram are so synonymous that Instagram recently released
that allow businesses to add “Book” and
“Reserve” buttons to their feeds. See a photo, then book a
vacation — all within one experience.

As Instagram continues to add features, travel brands must
evolve their content strategies or risk getting left behind.
In-feed booking, carousel multi-image posts, Instagram Stories,
swipe up shopping/web links, and robust advertising options have
all been a boon to tourism and location-based brands, offering more
ways to reach and engage travelers. Instagram’s influence on
decision-making reinforces that consumers continue to have an
appetite for imagery.

Why We Created This Report

tourism marketing research cat
Given how important Instagram is to our tourism
clients’ social strategies, we dove deep into analyzing what
works and doesn’t work for tourism brands on Instagram. We are
releasing our findings in our latest research report, “Instagram
for Tourism Marketing: How States Are Amping Up Their

With the help of Crowdriff and data collected through Rival IQ,
Convince & Convert reviewed the Instagram feeds of all 50 U.S.
states (plus Washington, D.C.), run by their state tourism offices
for the first half of 2018 (January 1–June 30). We
analyzed every part of the Instagram account, including Stories,
campaign activations, aesthetics, and subject matter of their
With more than 7,000 posts shared by 49 U.S.
states, plus Washington, D.C. (Not a typo: One state still
doesn’t use Instagram!), there was plenty of content for us to
analyze — not to mention the use of Stories, Highlights, and

From this research, we identified markers of excellence
and opportunities for tourism brands who need to level up their
Instagram game. 

While this research focused on tourism marketing and the
Instagram accounts for U.S. state tourism offices, many of the
findings and best practices apply to other industries as well.
Whether you’re in tourism or tech, you’ll find the research

Download the
full 19-page report
to see everything, including:

  • How many states are promoting contests and
    , and which state has run the most (the answer
    will surprise you)
  • The 7 most common elements of successful Instagram
    for tourism marketing
  • The most engaging kind of Instagram photo
     — 96% of the most-engaging posts included this!
  • A proven recipe for a can’t-miss, engaging
    post for tourism

Below are my top 3 favorite findings from “Instagram
for Tourism Marketing: How States Are Amping Up Their

1. User-Generated Content Tops the List of Most-Engaging Posts

Of the top 100 most engaging posts we reviewed, all but eight
(92%) were user-generated content re-published by the state’s
account. Wow! If
isn’t part of your tourism marketing mix, it better be

user generated content instagram

Travel Alaska is successfully leveraging UGC as part of their
Instagram tourism marketing.

92% of the top 100 most engaging Instagram posts by state
tourism accounts were user-generated content re-published by the
state’s account. #UGC

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2. #PureMichigan is the Most-Used Official State Hashtag

Makes you want to see what’s so beautiful about the Great
Lakes region, doesn’t it?

All but one of the 50 states have an official, branded hashtag
like #PureMichigan, and only two of the 49 official promoted
hashtags do not include the state name or abbreviation (#dfmi =
Nevada and #almostheaven = West Virginia).

state tourism hashtag instagram

#PureMichigan is the most-used official state hashtag on
Instagram. #tourismmarketing

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3. South Dakota Tops the List for Engagement with a 5.25%
Engagement Rate Per Post

Mazel! South Dakota might be sparsely populated, but fans of the
Mount Rushmore state are loyal and active. South Dakota earned a
5.25% average engagement rate per post, beating out Alaska (4.93%),
New York (3.04%) and Virginia (2.39%).

states higher average engagement rate instagram

Increase Visitors, Bookings and Appointments with a Brilliant
Instagram Strategy

These are just a few of my favorite facts and findings from the
Download the entire report now
to see the data you need to
improve your Instagram efforts in 2019.

Comments on the report? . I’d love to hear what you think!

Next month, we’ll discuss how to run contests on Instagram for
tourism. Stay tuned.

*source: MMGY Global’s “Portrait
of American Travelers 2018-19

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Instagram for Tourism Marketing: How to Boost Likes, Views and
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