Small businesses are generally hesitant about trying new ideas
for their business. Especially lifestyle businesses who don’t
look for very high growth rates and are happy with a consistent
revenue stream. These businesses have standard operating procedures
(SOP) for every process and they don’t like to deviate from these
practices. If it ain’t broke, why fix it?

Videos have been there for quite some time in the online space.
Their importance cannot be questioned. Their absence in your
content strategy though should be questioned. But small and medium
business continue to feel that videos are not for them yet.

Here are the common objections they site when they think of
investing in videos:

  1. Videos need a lot of time and manpower.
  2. Videos don’t deliver high ROI.
  3. Getting videos done is costly.

These objections are justified. Our job here is to educate them
about how videos can truly help their business.

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