How to Improve the Google Ranking of Your Facebook Page

Facebook is forever changing, and its continual updates can be
frustrating. When using Facebook we often can be so consumed with
the algorithm and trying to get maximum results that we forget that
Facebook is another social media website that can be found in
search engines like Google.

Google is also forever changing and most savvy business owners
know the importance of having your business rank on the first page.
Better still if you don’t need to use Google Adwords to appear on
the first page.

With my own business, I am always optimising my website, writing
blogs, using Youtube to upload videos that are rich in keywords to
get maximum results on the front page of Google. Now, what about

Disclaimer: I don’t think a Facebook business page will
replace the benefit of having a website. However, if you don’t
have a budget for a website just yet, a Facebook business page will
be a great start!

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