3 Signs You Need to Refine Your Facebook Lead Scoring Model For eCommerce

A growing number of e-commerce entrepreneurs are reducing the
amount of money they spend on Google Ads and focusing on Facebook
instead. This is due largely to the cost of Google Ads, which has
risen to $2.69, making it too expensive for smaller e-commerce
companies. Many e-commerce marketers have started to increase their
spend on Facebook ads.

The average ROI on Facebook Ads is estimated to be 450%. One of
the main advantages of using Facebook Ads is that there is more
room for creativity when choosing your target audience. This also
helps to keep costs lower. However, there is also a downside to
using Facebook Ads. It is harder for advertisers to control the
quality of their leads.

Too many online businesses waste time and money on the wrong
projects or try to reach customers who will never make a purchase.
Founder and CEO of Clients On Demand, Russ Ruffino pointed out in
his Q&A interview on Entrepreneur that many businesses spend
too many resources on things that don’t contribute to their


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