Understanding China’s Black Friday, Singles Day, and How Brands are Leveraging It

2018 Singles’ Day recap!

  • +140,000 brands participated in this special day, including
    60,000 global brands like Lululemon, Adidas, Bose, Gap, Nike,
    Macy’s, Zara, and the list goes on. Brands from the U.S. Germany,
    Australia, Japan, and South Korea have been taking part in the day
    and are among the top international brands preferred by Chinese
  • 15 million products were listed during the sale with wellness
    and baby products, such as diapers, vitamins, milk powders, etc.,
    being some of the most popular products.
  • 812 million orders were placed, and more 1.48 billion payments
    were processed through Alipay, with 90% of those done on a mobile

What is “Singles Day” in China?

November 11, in China, celebrates people not in relationships,
its symbolizing singletons. Double 11 (the 11th of November) marks
Singles’ Day or 光棍节 Guanggunjie.


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