15 Best Social Listening Tools for Business

Most social media tools just focus on one simple task, for
example, scheduling social media content or collecting all of your
social media statistics in one place. Social monitoring tools, even
though their application may seem straightforward at first glance,
have huge potential to be used for different purposes. You can
build your social listening strategy in a way that will cover all
your business needs, from product development to closing sales.

All you need is to choose the right social listening tool. The
right one, not the best. The “best” social listening tool
doesn’t exist (sorry for accidental clickbait) because the best
will always depend on your needs and resources.

Here’s a list which compiles 15 very different tools which
will help you gain a deeper understanding of social monitoring
tools and choose something for your business.


Platforms monitored: Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Reddit,
Instagram, blogs, forums, news articles, the web.


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