5 Ways to Get More Customers with SMS

As marketers, our goal should always be to meet our customers
where they are. As much as we may want to establish and control the
parameters of every interaction, it doesn’t work that way.
Greater success lies in letting the customer dictate how and where
the conversation takes place.

Today, the preferred medium across the board seems to be
texting. People—and not just younger generations—seem almost
allergic to using an actual telephone these days. You can test this
theory by trying to order a pizza in a room full of adults and
watching people, one by one, claim “not it” on making the

Why does texting appeal to us so much? It’s easier, for one.
It’s less intrusive and time-consuming. You can multitask while
texting in a way you can’t while talking on the phone or
composing an email. And, if done properly, it’s an effective
channel through which to conduct business.

The open rate for SMS messages—99 percent—is simply
staggering. Beyond that, it’s almost instantaneous; 90 percent of
texts are opened
within three minutes of receipt
. In a world full of endless
traffic and noise, texts seem to be one of the few ways to break
through consistently. They’re certainly harder to shrug off than
an email or voicemail.

90% of text messages are opened within three minutes of

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open rate for SMS

So how can you leverage SMS for your business? First
off, you’re going to need to figure out how to enable text
functionality through your office or business

Thankfully, our friends at Podium can help you with that. It’s
not a long or laborious process, but it’s not one you can easily
do on your own either. I recently presented a webinar on this exact
topic — check out the recording for
5 Ways Your Business Can Get More Customers by Texting
, sponsored by Podium.

Once you have that set up, plaster your number everywhere. Put
it on your website, any business listings, signage inside your
brick and mortar location(s), your email signature—you name it!
Make sure people know they can text you at that number, and then
take a peek at the tips below on how you can utilize text messaging
to land—and retain—new customers. You’ll make their lives
easier—and they’ll love you for it.

1. Leverage SMS for Appointments and Reminders

Using text messaging to set up appointments (and send
reminders for those appointments) can significantly reduce your
no-show rates.

The immediate nature of texting will help your customers keep
their appointments and bookings top-of-mind. Plus, it maximizes
your employees’ time. Fewer no-shows and fewer reschedules mean
your team can function at optimal capacity and speed at all

2. Let Your Customers Text Product or Service Questions

All customers have questions. New customers are bound to
have even more. Being able to directly text you removes the barrier
of hesitance for many of them.

They’ll ask the simple or small questions via text that they
wouldn’t want to bug you with on the phone. Or they’ll ask
time-sensitive questions that they normally wouldn’t ask via
email because they don’t have time to wait for a reply. This is
especially useful for things like in-stock inventory inquiries.

Make your customers' lives easier by letting them text questions

3. Text Your Customers Upsell Opportunities

You might not think that getting your customers to spend more
money with you would improve their satisfaction level, but it’s
true! Texting allows you the chance to upsell in a natural, organic
manner. When it makes sense, you can offer customers add-ons and
upgrades to their existing purchases with a quick text. You’ll
make a little extra cash, and you’ll be able to offer tailored
products and services to your customers to increase the overall
value of their experience.

4. Get Customer Feedback with SMS

Emails can get lost in the shuffle. There’s no telling how
many are languishing in inboxes now, never to be opened. Go ahead
and replace those long, boring satisfaction surveys with short and
snappy SMS-based ones.

Podium’s customers have seen a 26 percent improvement
NPS scores
when using Messenger. Amazing!

People are so much more likely to respond to a quick text asking
them to rate their experience on a scale of one to 10 than they are
to click through a three-page online survey asking them to write
essays. Using SMS for feedback is a no-brainer.

5. Let Your Customers Solve their Problems via Text

Customers are going to have issues sometimes; it’s an
unavoidable reality. But not every customer’s problem requires a
long phone call or a dozen emails back and forth. General, quick
questions can be answered simply via text. You can also attach
photos to your texts easily if needed.

Need to reschedule? No big deal. With text, it can be done in
minutes. It’s this immediacy and ease that will help you nip
problems in the bud before they get out of hand.  

These are just a few of the many ways that building
texting into your
customer service
plan can boost your business. And it all works
easily when you have a unified customer interaction platform.
Podium can help you get that.

Their system consolidates all of your text interactions into one
dashboard that’s easy to navigate and manage, just like an email
inbox. Having this kind of platform is essential, as it protects
you from having conversations on personal devices (which is a
seriously bad idea).

It also assigns conversations to the appropriate team members so
that they’re always handled promptly and with an expert hand.
Podium gets everyone on the same page internally and ensures that
the messaging experience remains cohesive for your customers across
the board externally.

If you’re honest with yourself, you would probably admit that
you prefer texting to calling or emailing. If that’s the case,
why not offer that option to our customers? Let’s get with the
times and make sure we’re going where consumers want us to be.
There are tools out there to help you make the jump fluidly, so get
a move on.

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