What You Don’t Know Will Kill Your Sweepstakes

How do you learn what you don’t know?


Listen to your colleagues, peers, mentors, etc. and more
importantly, listen to your prospects, customers and clients.

Why would I be stating the obvious?

December is Sweepstakes Season.

Sweepstakes Season is the period between Thanksgiving and
Christmas (sometimes New Year’s) where every company, big and
small, is hosting an extraordinary amount of giveaways on Facebook,
Twitter, and Instagram.

This December I saw an unprecedented number of poorly run
promotions. You would think, with the vast amount of free social
media and promotional marketing information and advice online,
there would be fewer mistakes, not more.

Why so many errors?

I believe it’s because Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram seem
so easy to use. Many entrepreneurs, small business owners, and
marketers jump in with both feet creating promotions, posts, and
social sweepstakes.


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