6 Content Ideas to Plan Your Content Marketing in 2019

If you haven’t yet made up your mind as to what you are going
to write about this year, it’s time that you plan your content
out. The beginning of the year is the slowest season for most of
us: Use it to work on your editorial calendar. Get organized!

If you feel like everything has already been written and you
have no idea what else you can write about, here are 6 content
ideas for you that will definitely help you come up with valuable
and engaging content this year:

1. Find Out What People Are Asking Online

Question research offers a few important marketing

  • Questions give you lots of insight into what your target
    audience is struggling with and how to best help them. Questions
    are your best content ideation source.
  • Covering niche questions online opens up more organic search
    visibility opportunities including getting featured and ranking in
    “People Also Ask” results
  • Asking a question on social media is one of the most important
    ways to increase your social media engagement because whenever they
    see a question mark, people have that natural reflex to stop and
    find an answer.


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