Awesome Opportunities and Frustrating Limitations of Facebook Search Ads

Have you started getting annoyed with the performance of your
Facebook ads? You aren’t alone. This is a common complaint among
e-commerce marketers I have spoken with. Don’t worry – Facebook
shared some great news just in time for Christmas! They have
started offering in their own search marketing ads.

The ads will be limited at first, but Facebook should eventually
start expanding them. Initially, these ads will be restricted to
select businesses in the e-commerce, automotive and retail sectors.
E-commerce businesses that meet the eligibility criteria will
benefit from the lower CPM from having less competition until
Facebook begins expanding the ads to new marketers.

Some people are skeptical that these ads will work, especially
since Facebook stopped offering them in the past. However, Debra
Williamson of AdAge wrote a post discussing the benefits.

“Can Facebook be as good as, or even replace, paid search for
some ad objectives?

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