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Howdy Moz readers,

I’m Russ Jones, Principal Search Scientist at Moz, and I am
excited to announce a fantastic upgrade coming next month to one of
the most important metrics Moz offers: Domain

Domain Authority has become the industry standard for measuring
the strength of a domain relative to ranking. We recognize that
stability plays an important role in making Domain Authority
valuable to our customers, so we wanted to make sure that the new
Domain Authority brought meaningful changes to the table.

Learn more about
the new DA

What’s changing?

What follows is an account of some of the technical changes
behind the new Domain Authority and why they matter.

The training set:

Historically, we’ve relied on training Domain Authority
against an unmanipulated, large set of search results. In fact,
this has been the standard methodology across our industry. But we
have found a way to improve upon it that fundamentally, from the
ground up, makes Domain Authority more reliable.

The training algorithm:

Rather than relying on a complex linear model, we’ve made the
switch to a neural network. This offers several benefits including
a much more nuanced model which can detect link manipulation.

The model factors:

We have greatly improved upon the ranking factors behind Domain
Authority. In addition to looking at link counts, we’ve now been
able to integrate our proprietary Spam Score and complex
distributions of links based on quality and traffic, along with a
bevy of other factors.

The backbone:

At the heart of Domain Authority is the industry’s leading link
index, our new Moz Link Explorer. With over 35 trillion links, our
exceptional data turns the brilliant statistical work by Neil
Martinsen-Burrell, Chas Williams, and so many more amazing Mozzers
into a true industry standard.

What does this mean?

These fundamental improvements to Domain Authority will deliver
a better, more trustworthy metric than ever before. We can remove
spam, improve correlations, and, most importantly, update Domain
Authority relative to all the changes that Google makes.

It means that you will see some changes to Domain Authority when
the launch occurs. We staked the model to our existing Domain
Authority which minimizes changes, but with all the improvements
there will no doubt be some fluctuation in Domain Authority scores
across the board.

What should we do?Use DA as a relative metric, not an absolute one.

First, make sure that you use Domain Authority as a
relative metric. Domain Authority is meaningless
when it isn’t compared to other sites. What matters isn’t whether
your site drops or increases — it’s whether it drops or increases
relative to your competitors. When we roll out the
new Domain Authority, make sure you check your competitors’ scores
as well as your own, as they will likely fluctuate in a similar

Know how to communicate changes with clients, colleagues, and

Second, be
prepared to communicate
with your clients or webmasters about
the changes and improvements to Domain Authority. While change is
always disruptive, the new Domain Authority is better than ever and
will allow them to make smarter decisions about search engine
optimization strategies going forward.

Expect DA to keep pace with Google

Finally, expect that we will be continuing to improve Domain
Authority. Just like Google makes hundreds of changes to their
algorithm every year, we intend to make Domain Authority much more
responsive to Google’s changes. Even when Google makes fundamental
algorithm updates like Penguin or Panda, you can feel confident
that Moz’s Domain Authority will be as relevant and useful as

When is it happening?

We plan on rolling out the new Domain Authority on March
5th, 2019
. We will have several more communications
between now and then to help you and your clients best respond to
the new Domain Authority,
including a webinar on February 21st
. We hope you’re as
excited as we are and look forward to continuing to bring you the
most reliable, cutting-edge metrics our industry has to offer.

Be sure to check out the resources we’ve prepared to help you
acclimate to the change, including an educational whitepaper and a
presentation you can download to share with your clients, team, and

Explore more
resources here

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