6 Fresh Ways to Generate Maximum Leads From Your Blog Posts

6 Fresh Ways to Generate Maximum Leads From Your Blog Posts

Blogging is one of the best and cheapest ways to drive traffic to your website. But if you want to generate revenue from this traffic, you need to apply several tactics that convert traffic to leads.

Therefore, to help you generate maximum leads from your blog posts I have created this list of fresh and powerful techniques…

#1 Promote targeted lead magnets

Lead magnets and multiple opt-in forms have become the norm these days. When I visit most blogs, I am greeted by popup forms, end-of-post forms, sidebar forms, ribbons, etc. asking me to sign up in exchange for a free offer. These forms do extremely well in converting blog traffic into email leads. Popups, for example, can increase your website’s conversion rate by more than 300%.

But if you want to get even higher conversions, you should create several offers for the different blog posts on your website like they do on the Hubspot blog.