Create A Successful Holiday Giveaway in 5 Easy Steps

Create A Successful Holiday Giveaway in 5 Easy Steps

Although Holiday Sweepstakes Season has already begun, it’s
not too late to create seasonal giveaways.

Optimally, you should be planning all your marketing activities,
including giveaways, on an annual basis, but there should also
always be space for spontaneity and impulsive creativity.

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Nothing is more fun than getting into the holiday spirit by
giving gifts (aka prizes) to your followers, fans and customers.
There is no shortage of choices or options for spreading joy.

Here are my five steps broken down into ten sections for you to
create your promotional marketing plan and launch your giveaway

ONE: Set a Goal

Ask yourself; WHY are you hosting a giveaway. Once you know the
why, you can then figure out the what.