How Social Research Helps a Small Business with Social Marketing

How Social Research Helps a Small Business with Social Marketing

Let’s face it – social media can be daunting for even the largest of companies. With constant changes and new social sites popping up all the time, it can feel overwhelming. For small and mid-sized business owners, that feeling can be almost paralyzing. How can social listening, research, and marketing be done effectively in such a large space and often times on a small budget?

There are some challenges that are unique to smaller businesses, but nothing that cannot be remedied with careful planning and understanding of the social environment. Below are some common concerns accompanied by manageable, actionable steps that can be implemented to make the most of social efforts.

As a small business, how do I even attempt to gain visibility online? I need a big following quickly to “prove” our value, but feel like I’m a needle in a very large haystack.