How to Build a Positive Reputation Using Social Media

How to Build a Positive Reputation Using Social Media

In the past, online reputation management services were devoted to burying or removing negative content from search results. Times have changed, and so has ORM.

The web is now teeming with reputation management tools, but social media platforms top the list for ROI. When businesses take the time to optimize, promote and regularly update their social profiles, they’re rewarded with a virtual suit of armor against negative press.

ORM firms employ numerous complex strategies to get results, including search engine optimization, press release distribution, article writing and establishing a social media presence. While most of these tactics are labor-intensive and costly, businesses can leverage social media platforms for significant gains with minimal capital investment.

Not only will your search results be populated with content you control, studies have shown that consumers who engage with a brand on social media have a more favorable view of the company’s reputation.