How to Create a Search-Optimized Video Content Strategy

How to Create a Search-Optimized Video Content Strategy

For many content providers, the increasing popularity of videos
is a blessing. For most businesses, it’s a necessary evil because
customers expect to find them on Youtube.

Whether you hate it or like it, video has become an
integral part of any content marketing strategy
, in most
niches. Whenever you are working on your content marketing roadmap,
including video is a must, for both discovery and user-experience

In most cases, video content does provide new opportunities for
brand discovery and recognition, if not direct sales. I am sure
different marketers can offer different convincing reasons why you
need to start focusing on video content marketing. My own major
reasons are:

More Organic Search Visibility

More often than not, one domain has only one spot in Google’s
search results. If you need to take more than one, you need an
optimized presence on third-party sites.