How to Handle a Social Media Crisis with Grace

How to Handle a Social Media Crisis with Grace

Social media isn’t just an amazing tool for connecting with potential customers, it’s also rapidly becoming the preferred method of customer service. Consumers love posting questions, praise (and unfortunately complaints) on company social accounts because it’s much easier and faster than traditional methods. This is fantastic when content is positive, but it can also drag issues out into the open that were hidden before the medium existed.

While a few complaints here and there are expected, the real damage is done when an angry mob forms. Trolls can destroy your Facebook or Twitter page by flooding your feed with comments and negative reviews that can be difficult, if not impossible, to contain. If you aren’t familiar with what social media mobs can do, take a look at what happened when Laura Ingraham was targeted with social media backlash:

Facing an Angry Mob

On March 28, Laura Ingraham took to Twitter to provoke Parkland shooting survivor and activist David Hogg after he was rejected by 4 colleges.